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Choking hazards...

August 17, 2004

Choking hazards...

A tragic story from New York where a 3-year-old boy choked to death while eating a piece of popcorn. The family was watching a movie (Alien v. Predator...I'll get to that later), sharing a tub of popcorn, when the parents noticed their little one was choking.
It serves as a terrifying reminder...just because your child is a no longer a toddler and easily eats solid foods, it doesn't mean you should toss aside the safety guidance used when first introducing food to kids...
Check out the following link on what to avoid. It's a small step with huge benefits, like saving your kid's life.
On a separate riff, why the hell were these parents taking a 3-year old to see the movie "Alien v. Predator" ? All you need to do is take one look at the movie's web site to see it's clearly inappropriate for a young child. Not exactly G-rated content.

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