Saturday, 6 February 2016

Is “White Spots On Teeth” A Problem?

A perfect personality is impossible without a perfect face and a perfect face is impossible without a perfect smile. These days, finding a person with a perfect smile is getting so hard because most of the persons suffer from dental problems. Though there are lots of dental diseases, but the most common one is white spots. Yes, a white spot on teeth is becoming a challenge for all of us. So, today I am going to write everything about “White Spots on Teeth” right from causes to cure. Let’s start from the beginning.

What are White Spots on Teeth?

White Spots on Teeth, also known as dental fluorosis or mottling of tooth enamel, is a tooth disease generally occurs during the development of teeth; this disturbance occur by using high concentrations of fluoride in excessive amount. Dental fluorosis is possibly found in the persons of all age group, but it is most common in younger ages.
What are the causes of dental fluorosis?

White spots on teeth is a result of numerous factors, some of which are given below-

  • Due to the excessive use of high concentrated fluoride during the development of teeth architecture.
  • Due to the loss of important chemicals by using excessive acidic drinks or food
  • Poor care of teeth around braces; due to which white spots developed after removing braces

What are famous treatments for White Spots on Teeth?

These days, the problem of dental fluorosis is commonly noticed in two out of five people; but thanks to the world class cure of dental fluorosis this fraction has somewhat got decreased. Presently, there are numerous methods are used by the dentists to get rid of the layer of calcium deposits present on your teeth. Though there are several methods of removing White Spots on Teeth, but the most common one is dental bleaching. In this method, a dentist washes your teeth by using a special kind of whitening chemical. In case, if this process fails, then your dentist might use another method i.e. air abrasion process. In this treatment, dentist throw small crystal particles on your teeth by using a crystal throwing device; by doing this, all the calcium layer removes gently by crystals.
How to prevent your teeth from dental fluorosis?
“Prevention is better than cure”. This is an absolutely right statement; also justify this situation. To prevent your teeth from white spots, practice good oral hygiene, such as-
  • Floss and brush your teeth at least two times per day
  • Visit dentist regularly at the interval of six months
  • Avoid acidic and sugary drinks
All in all, occasionally it can be challenging to conclude what white spots on teeth signify. They could possibly be a primary insignia of tooth decay; therefore, to avoid the annoyance of the tooth enamel, you need to visit a dentist. Definitely, a dentist will evaluate the damage as well as recommended cures that are appropriate for your situation.

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